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首頁 第一校區 English

一級   (Level 1)
1. Work
2. Technology
3. Language and Learning What's The Most Common Language In The World?
4. Travel and Vacations
5. History
6. Nature Top 7 English Words to Describe Nature - Vocabulary Lesson for Advanced ESL Students
二級   (Level 2)
1. Living Space Easy Patio Ideas: Outdoor Living Spaces
2. Weird News
3. Trade
4. No Limits The School of the Future: There's No Limit to What School Can Be
5. Connections How To Impress Literally Everyone You Meet
6. Experts 20 Hours to Learn Anything (Key Points Talk) How To Become A Lifehacker 
三級   (Level 3)
1. Shot on location "Selfie" is Oxford's Word for 2013
2. Judging by appearances
3. Extraordinary school for boys
4. Ideal home Living Tomorrow: house of the future
5. Sell and tell What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Basics Explained
6. What’s the right job for you?
7. Lucky encounters Why Is Friday The 13th Considered Unlucky?
8. Too much information! Information Security... What you need to know
9. Modern icons What is the meaning of ppap?
10. Two crime stories 10 Controversial Punishments In Schools Around The World
初階簡報英語 & 主題式英語   (Level 4)
1. Music and emotion Music and its Effect on Mood
2. Sleeping beauty 5 Fairy Tales That Were Way Darker Than You Realized as a Kid
3. Don’t argue!
4. Actors acting 10 Crazy Skills Actors Had to Learn for Movie Roles (9, standard)
5. Beat the robbers… and the burglars Robot Cop Could Assist In Traffic Stops Crime-Fighting Robots Go On Patrol In Silicon Valley
6. Breaking news CNN Breaking News: Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami
7. Truth and lies
8. Megacities What Are The World's Largest Cities?
9. The dark side of the moon The Moon Battered by Impacts Blue Moon - Myths, Facts and History Blue Moon: What Makes It So Special
10. The power of words Jennifer Aaker: Power of Humor CNET Update - An emoji is Oxford's word of the year, but don't be surprised