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Unit 7 :Work
Unit 8 :Technology
Unit 9 :Language and Learning What's The Most Common Language In The World?
Unit 10:Travel and Vacations
Unit 11:History
Unit 12:Nature Top 7 English Words to Describe Nature - Vocabulary Lesson for Advanced ESL Students
Unit 7 :Living Space Easy Patio Ideas: Outdoor Living Spaces
Unit 8 :Weird News
Unit 9 :Trade
Unit 10:No Limits The School of the Future: There's No Limit to What School Can Be
Unit 11:Connections How To Impress Literally Everyone You Meet
Unit 12:Experts 20 Hours to Learn Anything (Key Points Talk) How To Become A Lifehacker 
Unit 6-A :Shot on location "Selfie" is Oxford's Word for 2013
Unit 6-B :Judging by appearances
Unit 7-A :Extraordinary school for boys
Unit 7-B :Ideal home Living Tomorrow: house of the future
Unit 8-A :Sell and tell What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Basics Explained
Unit 8-B :What’s the right job for you?
Unit 9-A :Lucky encounters Why Is Friday The 13th Considered Unlucky?
Unit 9-B :Too much information! Information Security... What you need to know
Unit 10-A:Modern icons What is the meaning of ppap?
Unit 10-B:Two crime stories 10 Controversial Punishments In Schools Around The World
Unit 6-A :Music and emotion Music and its Effect on Mood
Unit 6-B :Sleeping beauty 5 Fairy Tales That Were Way Darker Than You Realized as a Kid
Unit 7-A :Don’t argue!
Unit 7-B :Actors acting 10 Crazy Skills Actors Had to Learn for Movie Roles (9, standard)
Unit 8-A :Beat the robbers… and the burglars Robot Cop Could Assist In Traffic Stops Crime-Fighting Robots Go On Patrol In Silicon Valley
Unit 8-B :Breaking news CNN Breaking News: Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami
Unit 9-A :Truth and lies
Unit 9-B :Megacities What Are The World's Largest Cities?
Unit 10-A:The dark side of the moon The Moon Battered by Impacts Blue Moon - Myths, Facts and History Blue Moon: What Makes It So Special
Unit 10-B:The power of words Jennifer Aaker: Power of Humor CNET Update - An emoji is Oxford's word of the year, but don't be surprised